Volunteering at Sahjivan means making vegetable beds, collecting mulch, mulching the vegetable beds, irrigation, making mud blocks, working with the masons to build eco shelters, making fence around the farm, building cages around the plants, making some natural fertilizers and pest repellents.

Hosting guests, school and corporate groups and taking them around the farm coordinate with the volunteers, housekeeping, cooking and cleaning. There are other allied jobs as well, which will be there for short durations. If you have any particular experience or knowledge, share it for the betterment of the farm and the volunteers.

Our Expectations

Volunteering is about self-discipline and passion. We expect people to be honest, calm, respectful, responsible, hardworking, compassionate, motivated and light hearted. Farm work demands physical work and strength. We expect you to follow the schedule of the farm, which includes mostly early mornings and evenings, unless or until it is specified. If you are uncomfortable with this, may be this is not the place for you to volunteer. We expect people to respect the local people and their culture.

If you are looking for a getaway and not for an opportunity to volunteer then maybe you can stay as a paying guest.


The farm operates on a schedule and routine. Work happens in three shifts and meals are at specific times. Volunteers should arrive and depart within certain times, and will be expected to follow the schedule while at the farm. We provide shared accommodation and 3 vegan meals for a contribution of Rs. 375 a day.

Long term Volunteers (21 Days and above) the contribution is Rs. 275 after the 7th day.


We accept interns who want to learn vernacular architecture, natural farming (permaculture, organic farming, and no till farming), sustainable living, etc. for minimum four months duration. An intern has to get engaged in the specific task or combination of task for min. 6 hours a day. There will be a review every Saturday for an intern so that clarity in his or her understanding of the subject can be assessed and enhanced.

Day Visitors

Day visitors are welcome between 9:30 am and 5:30 pm from April to August and between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm from Sept to November. If you wish to have food at our farm please inform us in advance.

Paying Guest

Those who wish to experience village lifestyle can stay at our farm as paying guest by paying a nominal contribution of Rs. 750 per person (on sharing basis) with all meals and guided farm tour of one hour. Contribution for longer stays will be proportionally less. We don’t use any animal product like milk, ghee, cheese, meat etc. We use composting toilet. Packaged water is not allowed here, guests can ask for boiled water.