We strive to find ways to live a more self-reliant lifestyle practicing sustainable farming, building Eco shelters, and experimenting with nature friendly appropriate technologies. Our endeavour is to bring back the tradition of own seed production and preservation. We also like to seek to live simple and continue to learn. At present we are doing afforestation works in upper Kinnaur and Spiti (both in Himachal) along with the normal routines at Solan.


At the Farm, shelters are built using local material which helps reduce carbon footprint. These shelters are called Eco-shelters or natural buildings. This can be made using adobe (sundried mud bricks), straw, straw bale, clay, cob, bamboo, etc. Natural buildings techniques are ancient and time tested and have housed most of the population of the world and still continues to do so.


At Sahjivan we practice natural farming without the use of any chemicals ( fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, Fungicides, etc.) We use bio mass as mulch, in-situ composting and bio-char to conserve water, retain moisture and support soil ecology. Microorganisms are the most important component of soil which support plant life on earth. To propagate microorganism we make indigenous microorganisms using ancient methods. We are in the process of finding native seeds and use them for reviving natural food production.


We hold road shows in villages to create awareness about creating a sustainable community.